"Ready or not, sting all the people!"

"This feisty soubrette and her merry band of clown damsels will wow you with acrobatic feats, carols, and mischief. Come one, come two, come you!"

Wick TDC
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Woe Maidens, The Magician

Chronological and political Information
  • Accomplice
  • Leader of the Woe Maidens

The Devil's Carnival

First Appearance

The Devil's Carnival

Portrayed by

Alexa Vega

Wick is a demon, who typically doesn't help in main acts. Rather, she causes mischief in-between with her very own group of minions, the Woe Maidens.

Appearance Edit

Wick is a beautiful young woman with brown eyes and long, wavy dark hair with some of it is tied in two short pigtails and the rest is loose. She wears clown make-up, which consists of white masquerade, black tears running down from her eyes, and a small red dot on her nose.

Her outfit consists of a bustier with golden sequins, a black corset, a ruffled black leather vest, long red/black striped gloves, and black cage skirt.

Personality Edit

Wick has a volatile personality; she is prone to violent mood swings. She and her Woe-Maidens are known to be beguiling and rambunctious.

Relationships Edit

Woe Maidens

As their leader, they respect her.

The Magician

Wick and The Magician

Wick and The Magician

Wick and The Magician appear to get along well as she was leaning against him while they waited for the Ticket Keeper to announce the performers. She also showed concern when the Ticket Keeper threatened the Magician.

The Twin Edit

Wick and The Twin playing poker

Wick and The Twin playing poker

Little is known about Wick's relationship with The Twin, although they're seen playing poker together before the roll call.


  • Wick is the only carnie with an actual name, as the other carnies are only referred to by their titles.
  • Alexa Vega broke her wrist filming a scene and didn't tell anyone for three days.
  • Wick's outfit bears a strong resemblace to Amber Sweet's "dominatrix" outfit from "Repo! The Genetic Opera".

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