"Let's play a game."

"Let me take all of you in."

Keep your cards close and your character closer around this double-talker. If he catches you in his coil, you'll lose more than your shirt.

The Twin
General Information




Hair color


Eye color

Light green

Personal Information

Wick (possibly)


Turn into an exact duplicate of his victims.

Chronological and political Information



The Devil's Carnival

First Appearance

The Devil's Carnival: Episode 1

Portrayed by

Nivek Ogre

The Twin is a performer, who is able to transform into the twin of his victim for psychological torture.

Appearance Edit

He appears to have snake or lizard-like green skin, light-green eyes and shoulder-length, messy, black hair.

He wears a very tall, tattered top hat decorated with eggs, cobwebs, and what appears to be a snake's skin as a necklace. He dons a long, dusty, red-leather coat, a black vest with a black shirt underneath, and gray pinstripe pants and boots. He has a jewel-encrusted flask and a cane with a jewel on top of it.

Personality Edit

A witty fellow, he is as clever as he is devious and there is a chance that he has little to no regard for others.

When playing the toss game with Merrywood he became visibly angry when she mentioned his game was rigged like most carnival games tend to be. He may not like to be insulted or he may be impatient based on this.

It is implied that he has a tendency to be selfish, shown in Episode 2 when he agreed to give Painted Doll a drink in exchange for a game to give him a chance to win the pin given to her by The Agent. At first she hesitates, but seeing this makes him only want it more.

During the game he takes three new faces, Cora, The Agent and Doll herself and proceeds to tease her. It is fair to assume he does this to distract her and ensure his victory.

Also noted is that when she tries to teach and stroke his cheek as he takes form of those she loved he reacts by sneering and slapping her hand away.

Relationships Edit

Wick Edit

Little is known about The Twin's relationship with Wick, although they could be seen playing poker together before The Magician approached them.