"Some have razors! Some have keys!"

"With a flick of his wand, this gay conjurer can make more than a rabbit disappear, but needs a little assistance. Can you spare a hand…arm, leg, or head?"

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The Magician
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Harry the Hare, Wick


The Fool



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The Devil's Carnival

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The Devil's Carnival

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Bill Moseley

The Magician is a demon accomplice, often a neglected one at that. Typically, the other demons can cast their own illusions and don't need the Magician's help, which leaves the magician to do menial tasks that the Greater demons don't want to do.

With a smile and a wave, the Magician might seem like he's only promising a good time, but prospective audience members might do well to look to Harry the Hare to see what becomes of potential assistants.

Appearance Edit

The Magician is a tall, lanky man wearing a classic magician costume. He wears a red coat over a red vest and a white, button up undershirt. He wears a black cape over top of it all, as well as black pants and shoes. He also dons a top hat when he is performing. His face is covered in white face make up, along with heavily shadowed eyes, drawn on eyebrows and mustache, and red cheeks. He carries a classic magician wand: black with white tips on both ends.

In the first scene he appears in, The Magician carries a live, small, black furred rabbit that he refers to as "Mr. Bunny".

Personality Edit

The Magician is rather childish and goofy and gets upset when he isn't selected to for an "act".

Relationships Edit

Wick Edit

Wick and the Magician seem to get along well as she was seen leaning against him as they waited for Ticket Keeper to announce who was going to perform and seemed worried about him when Ticket Keeper threatened him.

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