Not all fools are harmless....

The Fool
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First Appearance

The Devil's Carnival

Last Appearance

The Devil's Carnival: Episode 2

Portrayed by

Mighty Mike Murga

The Fool is a demon accomplice with child-like qualities that can sometimes be useful to the Greater Demons, however, like the magician, when the Fool isn't being called on to help with an act, it must also run around completing small tasks.

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The Fool is a diminutive figure, donning a harlequin costume. The main body suit is colored red and yellow, while the head piece is colored black and yellow. The area around his shoulders is colored a very dark blue and decorated with bells. He wears a large neck ruffle, as well as two ruffled cuffs on his wrists. He also wears yellow, pointed shoes and black gloves. His face is entirely white, except for two black diamonds painted around his eyes.

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