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The Devil's Carnival





Lucifer and Ticket Keeper

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The Devil's Carnival: Episode 1

The Devil's Carnival is a circus and carnival located in Hell that is managed by Lucifer and the The Ticket Keeper. When sinners die, they are sent to the carnival to be punished by making them repeat their sins over and over.

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When someone from Heaven is banished they arrive into the carnival where they become carnies, receive a new name and are given the task of tormenting sinners. When a sinner dies and is sent to Hell, the carnies put them to sleep and take them to the carnival, where they are changed into clothes that represent who they are or the sin they commited as the carnies torture them and later changed into light yellow ragged clothes. For each sinner, Lucifer or Ticket Keeper choose one or various carnies to torture them, although others may help out too.

After John redeemed himself and was sent to Heaven, the carnies were assigned the the task of redeeming all the sinners in Hell instead of torturing them and send them to Heaven.

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Despite being a carnival, the place bears a close resemblace to a circus. Many booths gave crude signs on them. There is a massive barnyard in the middle of the carnival where carnies hang out. Lucifer has his living quarters attached to his funhouse. In Episode 2 it is implied that the carnies live in caravans. There are several empty cages around the carnival which are often used to lock up troublesome carnies such as Scorpion. There is an elevator that connects the carnival with Heaven but apparently only angels are allowed to use it.

Some carnies dress in clownish outfits while others wear slightly more casual clothing. Most women usually dress in revealing outfits. Before Painted Doll arrived to the carnival, the carnies wore armbands with a X on them similar to the Angels' armbands until they ripped them off.

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