The Scorpion
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early-to-mid 20's (estimated)



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Painted Doll


The Agent, Heaven

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Knife thrower at The Devil's Carnival


The Devil's Carnival

First Appearance

The Devil's Carnival: Episode 1

Last Appearance

The Devil's Carnival: Alleluia!

Portrayed by

Marc Senter

"A rebel even in Hell, this drifter is always seeking beautiful, new targets for his death-defying knife-throwing act. Any takers, ladies?"

The Scorpion is a demon performer. A flirtatious and dangerous knife thrower, The Scorpion assumes the appearance of a handsome young man, often tempting and seducing young women in search of danger. He is the love interest of The Painted Doll.

History Edit

The Devil's Carnival: Episode 1 Edit

Scorpion is assigned to torment Tamara, although he doesn't show up for the roll call, which prompts Ticket Keeper to send Painted Doll to find and cage him.

Scorpion stays in the cage for a while until Tamara arrives at the carnival, and he tricks her into letting him out, promising her that he will protect her.

After Tamara releases him, he gives her a candy ring and ditches her to go back to Painted Doll. He and Painted Doll start kissing passionately until Tamara walks in on them. Scorpion charms her into forgiving him and allowing him to tie her up on a wheel while he compliments and promises her he won't stab her right before he does so with the same switch-blade that she gave him to help him escape from the cage ("Trust Me").

Later, Scorpion celebrates with the carnies about the upcoming war with Heaven ("Off To Hell We Go").

Appearance Edit

The Scorpion looks and acts like a 1950's greaser/rebel. He has black, plastic hair styled in a pompadour, pasty white skin with dark circles around the eyes and black painted lips. He wears a black leather jacket, a torn dark grey shirt, jeans, brown boots, and a long red scarf. He has a scorpion tattoo on the left side of the neck and a tattoo of a heart on his chest. He usually carries knives on his boots or jacket.

In The Devil's Carnival: Alleluia! he has a new, higher wig and wears a different leather jacket with spikes on it.

Personality Edit

He is very flirtatious, extremely manipulative, and self-serving. Often rather charming, he reels in naive sinners with his flirty ways, only to kill them in the end. He is somewhat of a womanizer as he flirts with and kisses about any attractive woman that crosses his path. Besides killing sinners Scorpion may also kill female carnies he doesn't like as implied in Episode 2.

Relationships Edit

Allies Edit

The Painted Doll Edit

Painted DollScorpionKiss

Painted Doll and Scorpion kissing.

Scorpion has shown to be attracted to Painted Doll since they were kissing passionately before Tamara found them and everytime Painted Doll sings he enjoys her performance and is quite admirative.

The Rosy Bayonettes Edit

Scorpion is apparently attracted to the Rosy Bayonettes as he made out with one of them once they were awaken.