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Painted Doll (attraction, ended)


Painted Doll (formely), The Librarian


The Watchword, Translator Batez, Translator Bentz



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The Devil's Carnival: Alleluia

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Lyndon Smith

Cora is a female angel who is the lead singer of His Ladies of Virtue.

History Edit

Once they arrive into Heaven, Cora and her best friend the rebellious June go on a tour of Heaven, where June defies The Librarian by asking about banned books, then (dragging Cora with her) shys away from the licentious Designer ("Only by Design"), leading to Cora and June's arrest and torture by The Translators ("Good Little Dictation Machines"). This is interrupted by The Agent due to his attraction to June, which gets him negative press from The Watchword.

Cora is later woken up by an alarm that was accidentally set off by June and tries to come to June's side, but is scared away by The Watchword warning her that her lesbian attraction to June is illegal. June is beaten bloody by The Translators and thrown onto an elevator to Hell, as the Librarian leads Cora and the other applicants in denouncing her ("Hitting on All Sevens"). The Librarian informs Cora that she will go very far in Heaven.

When God puts on a show mocking Lucifer in a parable drawn from the Dust Bowl and Aesop's fable "The Swallow and the Other Birds" ("Bells of the Black Sunday") it is revealed that Cora is no longer an applicant, and is now the lead singer of His Ladies of Virtue, a musical trio that sings with God (she took the position from Geraldine, who was kicked out and had her face mutilated after not acting happy enough when she was "promoted" to being God's sex slave).

Appearance Edit

Cora is a young woman who has long brown hair done in an updo and green eyes.

Personality Edit

Cora, in contrast to Painted Doll, is reserved and obedient.

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